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Ashleigh Thompson

The rise of the 'leisure moto' wear category (yes it's a term, no it's not as bad as activewear) has meant there are plenty of options for a style focussed alternative to the big bulky motorcycle jackets of the past. You might be thinking, why not just take your favourite long sleeve button up and wear that? Well, that is an option, and look, do what you want, I'm not your Mother/Father/Parental Figure, but if you value your skin you'll probably want a few safety features built-in. Most brands have covered off a 'worker' inspired shirt, however, most brands have been late to the party with smaller sizing options. I'm not against wearing a male cut or sizing, I would say I own equal parts from the men's and women's sections. However, it is a real struggle with moto gear, as most of the men's sizes are way too generous and typically don't go past a small. I've searched high and low in this category so hopefully, if you have stumbled on this review at the start of your motoshirt search I can save you some time.

Enter the John Doe Motoshirt

Let's cover off on the brand first. They are a German brand (google translate is your friend), who focus on durability, innovation with a lot of style thrown in. Corners certainly are not cut in their range. We're not talking about the cheapest gear here and when your grandparents said "You get what you pay for.", they may have been talking about John Doe.

A few quick specs:

  • 100% cotton twill outer
  • XTM protective fiber: Crash side 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber/skin side 100% Coolmax®
  • YKK zippers
  • Armour pockets on the back, shoulders and elbows
  • Left & right inner pocket
  • Left & right breast pocket
  • JDC Air Ventilation System
  • Regular/straight fit - comfort riding fit
  • adjustable cuffs
  • CE approved by TÜV Rheinland


Summer is a bit of a killer in Australia which means every rider wants to reduce the number of heavy layers they are wearing. By doing so you're also reducing the protection you have. It's a tough choice. No rider wants to be overly exposed, but heat can also be a risk in itself, overheating can affect your concentration on the bike and ultimately cause fatigue and mistakes. It is extremely breathable, with ventilation zippers under the arms as well as completely across the back. Although I haven't had the need to use them just yet. 

A lot of motorcycle-specific shirts that have a collar will come sans collar snaps, but not this one! The snaps keep your collar from flapping around in the wind. Nailed it John Doe.

It goes without saying really, but this shirt is well made and looks great. I rarely wear my gear without a helmet in hand, but I'll occasionally wear this outside in the morning if it is a little cool, or even walk to the store in it in the evening.

The cut in snug and fitted but I had no issues with the arm length or overall garment length. It easily covers my butt when sitting on the bike. I chose a small.

The other great feature is this motoshirt is that it actually has pockets! Other shirts I have owned in the past are simple on the inside with little to no pockets. This one has plenty! Two on the inside, once which will zip up and the other has a velcro strip, both comfortably fit a phone or wallet. The outside pockets are smaller but still super handy for remotes or earplugs.



I'm really stretching here for a con, because this really is a great motoshirt. I tried on a lot of alternatives and did a lot of google searching to find this little gem. For the price, it would be nice if the additional armour that can fit in the shirt was included, and right now it comes in two colours, olive and black. However, most of the other shirts were denim or black so I think the olive is a good choice from John Doe. This only other comment I'll make on cons is that it isn't water-resistant, however this really isn't a major issue if you carry additional wet weather gear as I do.

Final Word

 Right now this is one of the top Motoshirts on the market, that looks pretty damn good on and off the bike. If you are looking for one, hopefully, your search is over with the John Doe Motoshirt.


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