Long term review - Bell RS-2 Helmet

Ashleigh Thompson

The RS-2 is the follow up to the initial RS-1 helmet from bell. The RS-1 was super successful, a tough act to follow really. The RS-2 has a bunch of improvements over the RS-1. The predecessor was heavier and sans the drop-down visor. It also didn’t compete with the star line the came in after it with a lot of additional features that the RS-1 was lacking. Bell definitely filled a gap in their line when the released the RS-2 in 2017. I’ve been wearing this helmet almost every day for 2 years and I’ve clocked up about 30,000kms in it. It’s almost time to upgrade. But before I do I thought I would give a review while I’m still wearing it most days.

A few quick specs

  • Lightweight fibreglass shell construction
  • X-static XT2 silver liner
  • Drop-down sunshield offers on the fly protection from the sun
  • Glasses friendly
  • Intermediate head shape


This helmet has been highly functional and it’s my go-to for all-weather and every day commuting. The pinlock insert has done its job extremely well. On rainy summer days as well as cold winter days, it was a great added accessory straight out of the box and I will definitely looks for this in my next helmet. I wear glasses all the time and so my daily helmet needed to accommodate my glasses. I’ve changed my frames once while owning this helmet and my second set of glasses fit just as well as my first, which was great! On the glasses note, I wanted a drop-down visor in my commuter helmet as it’s a bit tough swapping out sunglasses with prescription glasses mid-ride and the RS-2 has a great internal visor. I’ve never had an issue with the mechanism sticking or catching. The chinstrap has a magnetic clasp which has been awesome and I really notice its absence on my other helmets that only have a press stud. The air vents have worked great during summer and the padding, although it is starting to wear now, has been solid and comfy. I’m a true intermediate oval head shape and the bell line fits me well, and it’s true to the bell fit. I’m an XS in bell’s lineup. This helmet is also amazing value for money. When I purchased it, this was my first helmet and I was buying all new gear so I couldn’t afford a shoei, but the bell served me well.


I’m going to really nitpick here because really the RS-2 is a great helmet. But there is always room to improve. This helmet isn’t the quietest on the market. I think it’s safe to say the more you spend (mostly) the better the noise reduction. This isn’t as quiet as you would hope for on the highway, so I would suggest a good set of earplugs which will cut the noise down significantly no matter what you are wearing. The front shield doesn’t lock, however, I’ve not had a helmet that has locked down completely. I think this may have contributed to the visor starting to leak ever so slightly in the rain now. But after two years of solid riding, I wasn’t too concerned as it has done really well to seal for so long.

It is a little bit sporty looking but you can get an all matte black finish that helps keep it looking simple.

Final word

The RS-2 lasted far longer than I thought it would, for the price I would say it is a fantastic entry-level helmet that might just surprise you.

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