Our pick of moto short films and episodes to crush your COVID blues

Ashleigh Thompson

Times are strange right now. Being stuck at home isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially when it starts to turn into weeks. I thought I would put together a quick list of some of the best free motorcycle content out there!

Stories of Bike

Click here for all the films!

Average episode is about 4 mins long

Cam Elkins along with his brother Jack make up the two-man team behind the stories. The duo have put together an amazing back catalogue to go and watch. If you want something that is not just all technical talk about bikes, this is beautifully shot and authentic in the stories that are told.


Lost Motos - Short Film

7mins long

Click here to watch the film

Another awesome story, the Lost Motos short film tells their story and focusses on some of the riders who have been changed through it.


Freedom Machine - Short Film

30mins long

Click here to watch the film

Jamie Robinson, the rider behind MotoGeo, jumps on an awesomely customised Ducati scrambler, customised by Roland Sans. He adventures across California. Doesn't need much more of a sell really.


Fort9 - Something a bit more practical

Short videos between 3mins to 15mins

Click here for his channel

Ryan F9 makes awesome content. It's more along the lines of your practical gear views, tips, tricks etc. Production is awesome and Ryan is entertaining plus he knows what he is talking about.


Views from the man cave - Similar to Fort9

Short videos between 5mins to 20mins

Click here for Tony's channel

I really like Tony and his no rubbish approach to his content. I generally land on similar conclusions as him and so I keep watching his stuff. He does plenty of reviews with a nice mix of how-tos.


The long way down and long way round

Each episode is 45mins

Click here for all of it!

Obi Wan himself riding around, down and over. The full seasons are on this channel. Highly entertaining, everything you want and won't be over for awhile. 

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