Custom Helmet Illustration - Framed Print
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Custom Helmet Illustration - Framed Print

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If you are a little sentimental about your helmet or accessory, this might be right up your alley, excuse the pun (not really that was awesome). All illustrations are done completely custom.

So how does this whole process work?

  • Place your order for your custom illustration. This one is for a digital file only.
  • Once you have placed your order, you'll receive a follow-up email to send your pictures to and answer a few questions to help us understand what colours and detail you would like. Please make sure your pictures are high resolution so that details of the helmet or accessory can be added.
  • Once the photos are sent it will take about a week to receive the draft sketch back. NOTE: If multiple commissions are on order, you will be given an updated timeframe for your draft.
  • Once you have approved your draft sketch final details will be added and your final high-resolution illustration will be sent back.

Other important notes:

Frame size:

Illustration without mount, width: 30 cm x height: 40 cm
Frame width: 32 cm x height: 42 cm

Don't be afraid to let us know what your favourite details are about the bike. Understanding what you love about your helmet or accessory is really important to help bring out the right colours and details in your custom motorcycle design.


If you are hoping to order an illustration for Christmas or a particular event please allow adequate time for the sketch to be completed. If you aren't sure please contact us via our Instagram or Facebook pages and we can let you know if your deadline is ok.

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